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Android App Development

At PSQUARE, we’re proud to offer a range of native mobile app development services, including Android app development. Our native Android apps are built from the ground up to take advantage of the functionality and characteristics that make this the world’s fastest growing mobile platform.

Though quite flexible, the work to be done by an Android App developer is quite complex. It is important that an experienced team of a well known Android Application Development company is hired. This team needs to have the requisite developer tools in order to create, test and debug such apps.

At PSQUARE, we’re pretty proud of the differences between us and our competitors. Our industry-best pricing is certainly one major advantage, ensuring that even small and midsized companies can take advantage of Android app development solutions without breaking the bank.

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IOS App Development

iOS is most popular operating systems platform in the world of mobile application development. Every software developer want to learn the tips and tricks to successful iOS app programming to generate the revenue for his/her mobile application development firm.

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of life. With the increased demand of smartphone usage is increasing demand for mobile enterprise application development. Among all the smartphone of the world, iPhone is considered the best dominating player in America. Therefore, before developing apps for IOS devices, it is necessary to understand some of the aspects of IOS application development.

Project Challenges


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Requirement Gathering

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Support & Maintenance

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